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Animal Gut Health and Immune Support

Gut Health & Immune Support for Animals of All Ages

Whole health depends on gut health. When the digestive tract is healthy, it absorbs the maximum amount of nutrition from the daily diet. And that has direct effects on energy level and the health of all organs and body systems. The gut is also one of the first lines of immune response. This is true for humans, and it’s true for their animal companions as well.

Just as people are discovering the importance of maintaining their own digestive health, many pet owners are realizing how influential gut health is for their cats and dogs. For animals, proper gut flora balance is vital for healthy skin and coats along with simply ensuring smooth, comfortable digestion. Also, given a pet’s interaction with outdoor elements and innate curiosity, animals depend on their gut to respond effectively toward ingested pathogens too!

Today’s pets deal with the same threats to gut health that affect humans. Chlorinated drinking water and certain medications can compromise gut health. Low quality pet foods do not always help to support the best flora balance either. Thankfully, there are supplement options that can directly and indirectly support probiotic balance and immune response in the gut.

Recommended Ingredients

Wilke Resources partners with Nebraska Cultures to offer Dr. Shahani’s Probiotic strains. The same strains offered for human use, Dr. Shahani’s probiotics demonstrate superior stability, viability, and efficacy in successfully colonizing the gut. The Dr. Shahani’s brand is backed by 40 years of research culminating in the signature Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 strain.

Wilke sources only high-quality Inulin. This moderate length fructooligosaccharide is able to survive the digestive process without being absorbed in the upper GI tract—it is intact when it arrives in the colon. Our inulin is derived from from the Mexican agave plant and is classified as a “prebiotic.” As in humans, supplemented inulin serves as a food source for beneficial bacteria in an animal’s colon.

ImmunoLin™ by Proliant Health Ingredients is similar to colostrum, but is from a non-dairy source. This immunoglobulin product provides a proven immunomodulatory effect—it enhances the immune system with no over-activation of immune response. ImmunoLin’s primary action occurs in the animal’s GI tract, which acts as a first line of defense in daily immune system challenges.


Why Ingredients from Wilke Resources?

Wilke Resources is a respected name in quality bulk nutritional supplements, offering raw ingredient products to the pharmaceutical, health-nutrition, and animal health markets. Wilke serves as both a sales and marketing agent for selected U.S. manufacturers and provides high-quality bulk dietary supplement ingredients through its China Direct sourcing program.



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As a supplier of bulk dietary supplement ingredients, it is not our intent to suggest that our customers may
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