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Latest News

This page is dedicated to providing the latest news concerning our principals, industry events and recent news articles that are relevant to our products and our customers.


NEW! Low-Dose of MenaQ7 Supplementation Improved Extra-Hepatic Vitamin K Status

February 2012
- Recently a publication in the American Journal of Kidney Disease showed beneficial effects of natural vitamin K2 supplementation in dialysis patients. That article showed for the first time evidence for a functional vitamin K deficiency in hemodialysis patients, which can be treated effectively by vitamin K2 supplementation.

Yesterday a new publication in the British Journal of Nutrition on the beneficial effects of MenaQ7 on healthy volunteers was e-published ahead of print.



Wilke Exhibiting at SupplySide West, Booth No. 13053

Seanol®and GlucodOX™ as well as exciting new applications for Primex’s ChitoClear® chitosan.

Wilke Unveils Redesigned Website

9/19/2011 – Wilke’s new website was launched this date. The website ( features the ingredients offered by Wilke organized by specific health support conditions. You can access information and products by either the health support condition or by product.

Wilke named Exclusive Sales Agent for Seanol®

8/30/2011 – Wilke Resources and JP Renew LLC have signed an exclusive sales agreement where WRI will serve as JP Renew’s sales agent for the super antioxidant Seanol® in the USA and Canada. Derived from Ecklonia cava marine-algae extract, Seanol™ provides powerful antioxidant support and promotes healthy inflammation cycles.  Seanol™ is the most bioactive polyphenol complex for optimizing cellular, cardiovascular, and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness. Seanol® is already qualified as a New Dietary Ingredient.

Dharma Biomedical LLC names Wilke as the exclusive Sales Agent for GlucodOX™

7/7/2011 – Dharma Biomedical LLC and Wilke Resources Inc. have signed an exclusive sales agreement where WRI will serve as sales agent for Dharms Biomedical’s new GlucodOX™, a proprietary Nutraceutical ingredient complex.  GlucodOX™ includes a Commiphora mukul (guggul) extract and a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.  It helps enhance cellular energy and regulate Glucose and Cholesterol levels already within the normal range. GlucodOX™ helps you stay normal, longer.

Nebraska Cultures Introduces Dr. Shahani’s Probiotic Legacy Blends
March, 2011 - NCI now offers 4 Legacy Blends titled Kid-Care, Digestion-Plus, Healthy Defense and Pro-Traveler.  These blends can be used as is or custom modified to meet your needs.  At Nebraska Cultures there is no charge for blending multiple strains.

Primex launches ChitoClear® Wound Healing Gel and Spray for Pets & Horses
April, 2010 - ChitoClear® chitosan is now offered in bulk 200 liter drums for both gel and spray application for pet and horse wounds.   Chitosan provides antimicrobial action, promotes coagulation, and forms a wound-protecting barrier which altogether promotes excellent wound healing.  We have excellent veterinary clinical case studies available showing how well ChitoClear® works.

Urinary Tract Infections Make the News
2/15/05 - Food (Europe) - UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) tied to E.coli strains found in beef according to research at Penn University in US. Approximately 8 to 10 million people suffer from UTI's each year and it is one of the most common infections in women.

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Primex Now Producing LipoSan Ultra in Iceland
11/10/04 - Reykjavik, Iceland - All LipoSan Ultra inventory now consists of product manufactured in Iceland exclusively using chitin from North Atlantic shrimp. Because of the high quality of the starting raw material, LipoSan Ultra now meets California's Prop 65 Lead requirements on a consistent basis. Microbiological counts are also significantly lower with Total Plate Counts typically less than 1000 CFU/g and Yeast/Mold Counts typically less than 100 CFU/g.

Primex ehf Acquires Chitosan Business from Vanson HaloSource
05/08/04 - Reykjavik, Iceland and Redmond, WA - Primex ehf and Vanson HaloSource, Inc., today announced that Primex is acquiring Vanson's comprehensive bulk chitosan operations.

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